Trooper Steun – ENG

Huh? Support my association for free? How is that possible?

You can do that via the Trooper page of Chiefs Leuven.

But before you pull out your bank card, it is important to know how this Trooper works.

  1. Chiefs Leuven has a unique Trooper page, which can be reached by surfing here or in your browser to
  2. On this page you will find links to the most well-known webshops that will most likely include your favorite.
  3. If you surf via those links on the Trooper page of your association to the webshop, the shop knows which association you want to support.
  4. The link does the job, and you can just shop like you normally shop, without spending an extra $ 1.
  5. Of every purchase you make, a percent goes to your association.

We will be very grateful if you want to do this.
All small resources help keep our sport affordable.

Thank you on behalf of all members of Chiefs Leuven !!!