Ice Hockey is a very spectacular sport and rather unknown in Belgium, but everybody who ever attended or watched a live game will never forget it: The mix of concentration, discipline, team spirit, speed, physical play and individual skills in combination with flashing actions and breathtaking saves makes each game into a rampant spectacle!

We can say in all confidence that ice hockey has everything to become again a very well know and watched sport. In the surrounding countries like The Netherlands, France and especially Germany ice hockey became already a very well know sport, even on international level, with professional clubs leveling the size like a first division Belgian football club. Less known makes less loved, but ice hockey is a top sport, also in Belgium.

ICE HOCKEY CLUB LEUVEN is a dynamic club, healthy and without debts, in full growth and playing at the highest Belgian level for many years. Thanks to the ever growing group of partners, volunteers and supporters all aspects of a decent club are fulfilled every season again, a nice achievement of everybody having a heart for ice hockey and this club!

We are more than pleased to invite you to share our passion for the fastest team sport in the world. Suspense and spectacle are the ingredients at the ice rink of Leuven!

We wish you a good reading and welcome again in ICE HOCKEY CLUB LEUVEN.

Filip Uyttebroeck