Subscription for season 2020-2021 are OPEN!!!!

At Chiefs Leuven (Ice Hockey Club Leuven) you can already start to learn at the age of 4 and play ice hockey. For this you must be a member of our club and we take care of everything that is involved in this fantastic sport: from renting icetime to practice, play games, coaches, trainers, referees, team managers, events, insurance, game jerseys, international youth tournaments, etc.

Playing Ice hockey in Belgium can be in different age groups:

  • U8: 4-7 years
  • U10: 8-9 years
  • U12: 10-11 years
  • U14: 12-13 years
  • U16: 14-15 years
  • U19: 16-18 years
  • DIV1: From 16 years
  • DIV2: From 16 years
  • DIV3: From 16 years
  • BeNe: Selection
  • Recreational hockey RSR: from 16 years

Ice Hockey Club Leuven enlists by age group every year one or even two teams. A team has normally about 15 players.

What does a membership of Chiefs Leuven include?

  • A very decent sports staffing by experienced ice hockey trainers, coaches and mentors
  • All the training hours of the Club for the period September – May. The season starts in September with the annual opening weekend, the practice sessions finish end of May.
  • Basically there is no club training during school holidays , but where possible extra ice hired for our members to play hockey during these periods.
  • The rental of the ice for official games in Leuven skating rink during the competition period (usually from late September to the end of March)
  • All federation contributions and taxes
  • Personal assistance to players throughout the registration process and the international IIHF transfer rules for players coming from a league outside Belgium
  • Extra insurance for possible sports injuries
  • Use of the Chiefs Leuven “Team Snap” online platform members
  • Using Chiefs Leuven game jerseys for all official and friendly games and tournaments
  • Free admission to all home games of Chiefs Leuven

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You can also directly pre-order our Chiefs Leuven Bauer clothing line (ism Maple Leaf)

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Moreover, relatives of our members can obtain a Leuven Chiefs subscription valid for all the Chiefs home games at € 70! By using this exclusive offer you support the Elite Team of our club and support Chiefs Leuven with your contribution to the club and increase the family-feeling of Ice Hockey Club Leuven. Chiefs Leuven wants you!

Hours can still be adjusted

Be sure to read our club charter. You will find herein not only a number of important rules to which we attach importance as a club, but also useful information about your favorite sport and on the operation of your favorite sports team.

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Do you wish to receive more information about membership, please send an email to secretariat. Click here