Welcome to the Senior teams of Chiefs Leuven.

Not only we are very strong in our Youth categories, also in our Adult offering we are outstanding in Belgium.
A offer for all? Oh yeah! At the moment we have 5 adult teams at Chiefs Leuven and we continuously strive to make more available. From beginner to advanced experienced players, we have it.

Currently the following categories exist:

BeNe team: Our BeNe team plays in the Belgian/Dutch top league.  This team combines selected youth players together with our valued senior players. Addmission to this team is only on request or invitation by the headcoach.

DIV1 team: This is the first division team. You can say in between U19 and the BeNe team. It is the natural level up after U19 and the best will move on to BeNe. Of course the BeNe coach uses this team as the draft pool for BeNe games when extra players needed. They play at the second highest level in Belgium.

DIV2 team: This is the second division team. An experienced team with lots of games, the only difference with the DIV1 team is that these guys no longer wish to play with contact. So better said , this is the top league for ice hockey in Belgium without contact. (no checking). All other rules are the same and apply.

REC team: This is the first recreational team that plays in the recreational competition of the belgian federation. This team is open for all players having basic hockey skills and good skating skills. You have to know the rules of icehockey though ;-). There is a maximum of 30 members.

RSR team: This is a team with already some skating experience but no hockey experience.  A maximum of 35 members is allowed, afterwards you’ll be put on the wairing list. This team has a lot of starting parents, young players, 16 years or older who still want to pick up icehockey, … everybody is welcome!

The RSR team is not competitve. Some games, mostly in the second half of the season, can be organized.

Category Practice sessions season 2018-2019
BeNe tuesday/thursday 22:15-23:35
DIV1/DIV2 Monday/wednesday 21:00-21:50
REC monday 22:00-23:20
RSR monday 20:00-20:50