Dear hockey friends,

Ice Hockey Club Leuven is pleased to invite you at the 2020 edition of its annual international youth ice hockey tournaments.

Since many years the Leuven tournaments are visited by competitive youth teams from all over Europe: Finland, France, Germany, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom.

The Leuven youth teams play every season on the highest level of Belgian ice hockey.

The Novotel Chiefs Trophy Tournaments are held at the Leuven ice rink, located at a few minutes’ drive from the city centre. Leuven itself is situated in the centre of Belgium and is easily reachable by highway, train and plane. The city centre has lots of trendy shops, historical buildings, bars and restaurants and is certainly worth a visit. Leuven is also one of the oldest university towns in Europe, which also explains the great character of our city!

Chiefs Leuven 2020 Novotel trophy

Categorie Data Deelnameprijs Beschikbare plaatsen
born in 2001 or later
25-26/04/2020 €550 Canceled 

Subscribed teams will be contacted soon

born in 2004 or later
18-19/04/2020 €550 Canceled 

Subscribed teams will be contacted soon

born in 2006 or later
09-10/05/2020 €550 OPEN
born in 2008 or later
16-17/05/2020 €400 CLOSED
born in 2010 or later
23-24/05/2020 €350 CLOSED
born in 2012 or later
23-24/05/2020 €350 OPEN

Essential tournament information

  • A team must consist of minimum 10 players, 1 goalie, 1 coach and 1 team manager
  • U8/U10: 8 teams per tournament. Every team plays at least 7 games + finals.
  • U12: 10 teams per tournament. Every team plays at least 6 games + finals.
  • U14/U16: 6 teams. Every team plays 5 games of 2 x 15 minutes running time + finals.
  • U19: 6 teams. Every team plays 5 games of 2 x 20 minutes running time + finals.
  • Every player receives a tournament souvenir.
  • Players have lunch on Saturday at the rink at €8.5 pp.  At your registration we will send you the link to order the Saturday meals.
  • For the evenings and on Sunday, and together with our tournament partners we can arrange pleasant and budget friendly group meals in the centre of Leuven.
  • Read the tournament rules to avoid misunderstandings during the games. If case of questions, do not hesitate to send a mail to gameplanner@chiefsleuven.be.

How to apply

  1. Register your team online with the form at the bottom of the page.

  2. Registration is only final after a deposit of €150 on account:
    IBAN BE82 6528 3083 2768
    Confirmation fees are not refundable in case of cancellation by the participant.

  3. You will then receive all necessary information to register your team and players. Registration and payment of the balance must be completed before December 31th 2019.

  4. Together with your registration, deliver your Club logo and team picture 2 weeks before the tournament takes place.

Staying overnight in Leuven

Our main tournament partner Novotel Leuven, situated 10 minutes from the ice rink, offers rooms at special prices, with possibility to stay in rooms with up to 4 persons (minimum 2 adults) from €85 per room, generous warm and cold breakfast buffet included. Have a look!

If you wish to enjoy the special Novotel tournament conditions, you need to use the Chiefs trophy reservation from. The hotel offers your team a special hockey menu.

ATTENTION: Hotel accommodation in Leuven during spring weekends is very sparse so we highly recommend booking your rooms immediately when enrolling for the tournament.

For any questions related to hotel accommodation, Leuven city information and dinner possibilities please contact us.

The Leuven Team Managers and Tournament Directors will do the utmost to provide you with all necessary information.

Ice Hockey Club Leuven is looking forward to meet you at the 32nd Novotel Chiefs Trophy international youth ice hockey tournament!