At Chiefs Leuven the youth teams take up a central spot in the club.
Our motivated professional coaches guarantee a decent education in Ice Hockey where your child will learn all about hockey and so much more!
Because it takes a lot more to become a good ice hockey player! Sportmanship, self leadership, self-esteem, respect and discipline are just a glimp out of the other skills that are taught alongside the hockey skills. From U8 till U12 the Belgian Federation considers these categories as development programs. At Chiefs Leuven we believe that too an as such every child participates in the games organised by the Belgian Icehockey Federation.  Guaranteed a lot of fun and excitement!

From U14 till U19 the Belgian Federation organizes championships. These are competitions with a lot of games your child can participate in. Interested?  Come and take a look at one of our games or practices!

We hope to see you soon!

Category Age Traininguren
U8 4 to 7 years Tuesday/Thursday 17:00-17:50
U10 8 & 9 years  Tuesday/Thursday 17:00-17:50
U12 10 & 11 years  Tuesday/Thursday 17:50-18:40 & Wednesday 17:45-18:45 off-ice
U14 12 & 13 years  Tuesday/Thursday 18:50-19:45 & Wednesday 17:45-18:45 off-ice
U16 14 & 15 years Tuesday/Thursday 19:55-20:55 & Wednesday 17:45-18:45 off-ice
U19 16 & 18 years  Tuesday/Thursday 21:05-22:05

Based on individual skills and physical readiness coaches can propose that your child may practice with the next category as of the second half of the season. This approach is part of our success in our youth categories. The other way around is also true, starters in a higher category may be asked to practice with the younger category additionally to catch up more quick.

Intake and promotion of icehockey for Youth

  • Bring a friend: yearly recurrent activity where we ask our youngsters (up till U12) to invite a friend who can come and taste the wonderful sport. They will get a full equipment and will be taught a few basics of hockey.
  • Tofsport camps: Yearly programs in collaboration with the city of Leuven are always a success to attract new young players to the club. More information on these programs can be found at Tofsport Camps
  • Chiefs Academy: Weekly practices given by our youth coaches and experienced Leuven players where the basic skating skills and a first introduction to ice hockey is taught.

Each season numerous foreign youth players are coming to Leuven, thanks to our good impression and name. Expats easily find the way to our club and are more than welcome. Currently about 12 different nationalities are member of our club. Both Belgian as foreign kids are easily becoming friends exchanging languages so naturally. Of course the other way counts as well, some Leuven players dare to go abroad to step up on their hockey in the bigger hockey nations like Canada, Sweden, Finland , USA …. , of course for a lot it will stay a dream but at Chiefs Leuven we assist a maximum to reach such dreams.