Newsflash U19 is champion 2016-2017 !!!!! Click hier for more information.

Season: 2017 – 2018

Coaching Staff: Quintin Bollue (hoodfcoach)

Team Manager: Wim Vanwelssenaers 

Trainingsuren seizoen 2017-2018

Category Age Practice hours
U19 16, 17 and 18 years Tuesday 20:55-21:50 & Thursday 21:00-21:50

We organize all activities like practices & games & events withe the Teamsnap application Team Snap, and we expect of each member to keep his credentials and contact information up-to-date. Game availability must be marked 48 h before the game starts. This leaves the coach enough time to make up the lines and ask additional players if not enough signed up. Changes aren’t possible after the deadline has passed and can only be arranged by phone with the teammanager.


1belAram VuerinckxChiefs LeuvenDefence
2belArnaud UyttebroeckChiefs LeuvenDefence
3finArtturi KalimoChiefs LeuvenDefence
4belJordano CubedduChiefs LeuvenDefence
5canMatthew SinclairChiefs LeuvenDefence
6belNathan TambeurChiefs LeuvenDefence


1enggerAlec JamesChiefs LeuvenForward
2belAlexandre HercotChiefs LeuvenForward
3belArthur FenoulhetChiefs LeuvenForward
4belAudrey De TerwangneChiefs LeuvenForward
5belBasim LaeremansChiefs LeuvenForward
6belFabio CascellaChiefs LeuvenForward
7belJarno SablonChiefs LeuvenForward
8canJulien PietersChiefs LeuvenForward
9belLoic DuryChiefs LeuvenForward
10belMatteo VandezandeChiefs LeuvenForward
11belNathan CompereChiefs LeuvenForward
12belOscar DelbrassineChiefs LeuvenForward
13belReyn VanwelssenaersChiefs LeuvenForward


1belKwinten TambeurChiefs LeuvenGoalie
2belTim Van AsselberghsChiefs LeuvenGoalie